Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter wonderland....and finding inspiration in rubber maid

I live in a tiny village in southwestern New Brunswick... It,s snowing.....again. We are accustomed to a lot of snow over the course of the winter ,but it seems that we are getting a winters worth in a two week time span. I was storm stayed in Toronto last week due to an Atlantic snow storm, and I got home Thursday,It started snowing again last night and this morning ...well...there's a meter of snow piled at the end of my driveway. So I am sitting here with a cup of yummy Timmies coffee, in my jammies, watching my darling husband displace the snow... Thank heavens for snow blowers.
While I may seem to be griping about the snow, I am really quite enjoying it. New Maryland is quite rural and homes are surrounded by great many trees, the snow laden branches and snow covered fields turn this tiny village into a very "Currier and Ives" like scene. Most inspirational!
When it's cold and snowy, it's a great time to get into the studio and rifle through my piles of inspiration. NOw WHAT, you are thinking, are your piles of inspiration?? Well over the years I have kept all kinds of things, birthday, Christmas , Easter and thank you cards. Napkins, bits of fabric, bits of lace, bits of fancy papers. I have binders filled with post cards,photos,coasters and labels. Rubber maid filled with shells , stones, and bits of wood. WHY you may ask...when we have so much at our fingertips via the Internet, would you keep all this stuff? Well sometimes it isn,t just how something looks that inspires us.sometimes it's the smell or texture,or even just the memory that the item stirs.
So today I am thinking about a long walk on The beach at Cap Pele, in my hand in a sun bleached shell, and it carries the fain scent of the sea. Thoughts of the warm sand between my toes and cool wash of waves brushing past my ankles,the screech of gulls and the snap of my sun dress in the winds coming off the strait. I think I,ll paint something nautical....

You get my drift....sorry.. But its snowing....again.

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