Monday, February 14, 2011

I Don't do Pink....

I don't do pink..I don't wear pink, I don't paint pink,. friends and associates have heard me say this.. a few GET IT..Though  Pink is a decidedly girly colour.. like Barbie dolls and Hubba Bubba not horrid.. just not for me. . The colour doesn't  stir unpleasant memeories... I just don't like it.

It does however remind me of things that are quite pleasant..
 Like my Nanas favorite perfume,  the bathroom of the old house
and of MR Bubble.

My Nana wore Chantilly lace for years .... though she went through a short Chanel #5 Phase in the early seventies, it didn't last. Even now ...when ever I walk through the BAY at Christmas time and I see that familar pink box.. I always get a spritz from the sampler... Not because I particularly like the scent , but because the memory of her is so strong with that scent in my nose.

The bathroom in the old house... the house where as a child ,I crawled  into  the Flour bins,to hide  from Poppa during a game of Hide n seek. Nanna had had the Bathroom renovated  and they installed a very modern new tub, fittings and Ceramic tile. Replacing the chipped Clawfoot and the old water stained oak wainscotting. The room sparkled.. White Black and PINK tiles.. large ones on the walls and small mosaic tiles on the floor.. I Loved this room, it had  lacey curtains, it was pretty, girly and smelled like Nana.. there was always Chatilly soap in the dish., and BIG Box of Mr Bubble.

Now many won't know what MR Bubble is... It's a powdered bubble bath.... hard to describe the scent.. kinda like Tide and Creme Soda. As children we had our baths in that huge tub, water up to our chest and bubbles up to our ears... Nana didn't spare the Mr Bubble. It was always a prelude to a cup of Tea ( heavy on the milk), a fresh cookie and story before we were tucked in for the night.

Colour like scent , is a powerful reminder of time, place people and things.. I am not fond of pink.. but I am fond of the things it reminds me of. A sweet scented hug from your gramma, A favorite room and a warm bath.... hmmmm. maybe I can do pink.


  1. Talk about Mr Bubble, that made me itch!!! LOL...
    But you're right, it is a strong color. Either you like it or you don't!!!!! XXXXXX

  2. Lovely blogpost Tracy. Colors, scents, music so many things that remind us of childhood's sweet moments ...