Saturday, February 5, 2011

Social Artworking...bringing FUN back to art.

In recent years there has been a noticable decline in the number of people painting. Some blame the Big Boxes for the disappearance of the smaller studios, some blame the economy  and a variety of other factors, personally I think that it's just things changing. We have become connected via the internet, the world has become so much smaller and we have access to so much more and  while the world was changing, the demographic that was painting 20 yrs ago, has either  stopped painting or simply moved on to another medium. Such is life.  It will come around again.. every craft , medium, or technique has it's day. Painting was so huge for so many years that manufacturers, publishers and retailers continued to follow that group and neglected to shift thier attentions to a younger demographic. THAT is changing too.

Today the group that has the industry focus, has a little disposable income but even less disposable time. They are raising children, working full time and maintaining a home. There is soccor practice, hockey games, ballet , school government , parent associations and a host of other responsibilities.. it doesn't leave much time or money for a craft class or social interaction. But most of them can find one evening a month to spend with friends.. Thats the logic behind Social "Artworking". An evening out with the "Girls"  or  "GUYS".

So here is the thing.... You go to a local shop , studio, or perhaps you organize it at home...You choose a painting that appeals to you, you register, and on the date of the class, you bring a bottle of wine, your best friend and you sit down to Paint. When paint is drying , you have a glass of wine and introduce yourself around, you engage and connect with others of like interests or just spend the time with your friend or friends, The teacher takes you through the steps to complete the painting in the 2 or 3 hrs required and the entire time you are relaxed, connected and venting your creative needs.

The patterns or painting styles are loose , simplistic, Colourful and contemporary. The entire process is FUN.. the perfect blend of education and relaxation.. no expectations, no pressure , it lives up to my belief that neatness doesn't count and perfection is to be avoided at all costs!!  You learn simply because you are relaxed and enjoying the creative process and you do all of it with your best friend or friends, or with new friends. You are not commited to 6 weeks every wednesday night, just the one night. Painting classes on your own terms.

The great thing about this program for the consumer is the all inclusive format. Register. No brushes to buy, no canvas, no paint, no pattern, no easel... it's all supplied! One price thats it!  easy breezy!! Of course there is a reasonably priced retail option if you decide you want to do this at home, you can purchase the brush set ( total of 5 brushes) and the individual patterns, and the individual paints required to finish the painting you've chosen.
everything about this program is SIMPLE. There are even instructional DVDS to teach you at home!!

This idea is growing and fast. People are doing Bridal Showers, Girls night out, even date night with the significant other, Home parties and events for fund raising and so many other reasons.

I had soooo much fun just creating patterns for this program, It was outside the lines even for me... it was relaxing and enjoyable and utterly stress free and yep.. I poured a glasss of wine and just enjoyed the process!!!

As a business woman I can see this as a significant business opportunity for a studio or retailer as an add on business. If you have a classroom, this program can generate a whole new customer base. Affordable classes, a one time commitment by the consumer,a relaxed atmosphere and a creative outlet with friends, family or complete strangers, it adds up to a great night out, and plenty of repeat business!Of course the glass of wine doesn't hurt either.


  1. Hi Tracy,
    Does this program have a website? I am living overseas right now and teaching a few classes and trying to find modern themes.

    1. Yes ... Social Artworking

  2. Hey There!! ..

    Get it touch with DecoArt Direct.. they will be able to help you..As you live over seas..your Contact would be Patrick Clifford, The Number # 1.606.365.3193 He is in the Directory.