Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Question Of Colour Challenge....Doreen Bathurst

Doreen Bathurst was the first to respond to the Challenge!! Here is her piece and her own words regarding the challenge!

Hi Tracy,
What fun this was!!  I have not painted in months and months.  Nothing inspired me until I saw your little challenge in your blog. 
"What a great idea," I said to me.  "I want to try this."
I painted on simple cardstock so it was quite 'grabby' and looks a bit 'watery' but I also needed a card.  LOL
What did I learn? 
Well.  At first I was concerned about the use of colour and what to use where?  I soon discovered I didn't care about the colour at all or even the mixing of colour.  I wasn't even concerned about the finished look and was very loose with this.  I just wanted to know what I could accomplish with just two colours and two non-colours.  I found I was more concerned with value and where to put the light or dark.  Kind of like . . . this is the base painting before I add the 'real' colour. 
My choice of colour to use with the black and white was blue and yellow.  I did not use any one colour on it's own.  It didn't look right and was too 'stark.'  Everything is mixed.  Some a bit muddy.
I really enjoyed doing this and it made me get my brushes wet again.  They had such a shocked look on there little ferrules.  :)
Thanks Tracy.  Sure wish I were going along on that cruise next week.
ps . . . this whole thing looks a tad better in person.  Wait . . . it looks ALOT better.  :)  The sky did not scan very well it is kind of wishy washy.  SIGH.  I tried, I learned and I enjoyed. 

Well Doreen you succeeded!!  Great Job!! Thank you for accepting the challenge!!

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