Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Editors... Magazines and Inspiration.

Ok time to fess up... Like every other  painter out there.. I watch the stands at the local book store for that new Issue of Paintworks. It's THE magazine if your a decorative painter. And like most I thumb through it diligently , sipping a cup of coffee and oohing and ahhing over the various designs inside. I look forward eagerly to each issue!

Now as a contributing artist, (and  I have to be honest.). I get a secret thrill every time I open it up and see my name in print, a rush of pride and yeah  even a giggle of excitment. You would think that after a few years I would be a bit more blase' about it, but I am not. I am excited every time and  I know why... My editor is  crazy.

I can say this because I admire her, and I can  because its true, I think You have to be a special kinda crazy to give me carte blanche to paint and write about whatever I want. Her trust that I will provide her with something worth printing is humbling and more importantly inspiring. Having the freedom to Play, paint, design, and create with no boundries, lets loose all kinds of ideas! Linda has a gift, she inspires painters with her magazine everyday, but she inspires each of her contributing artists as well, gently steering us in directions we hadn't thought of, and letting us use our own knowledge and creativity to giver her what she needs to make a great issue.

Linda Heller is a terrific lady, fun to be around, a quietly extrordinary and unassuming person, and exceptional at what she does. She has a unique view and an inate understanding of what will work. She utilizes creativity to actively inspire others by pulling a string of seemingly unrelated pieces and articles all together into what is quite possibly the best magazine of it's kind in this industry.  She doesn't paint with a brush , but she creates a masterpiece with every issue.

All American Crafts is the publisher of Paintworks, and the  same high standards that they have come to expect of Linda is evident in the quality of the numerous other Craft and Hobby magazines that they produce as well as the beautiful hard and soft cover publications they publish. This family owned and operated  business has through hardwork, attention to detail and a true love of what they do, become a staple to both Canadian and American crafters. Check em out!!  http://www.allamericancrafts.com

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