Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stenciling with Texture.....Oh what relief it is!

Ok So it's a corny opening line.. but it is true. It's a relief .. no really it is, that's what it called! Relief Stenciling.
More often than not you'll see it in the form of borders or ceiling details, and it can be stunning, I have gone so far as to use the technique on faux tiles and complete walls and it is a very exciting dimension to add to  a living space.  It's also an exciting extra  touch to paintings and craft projects and it is is soooo easy to do!!

This technique can be used for a wide variety of effects. When done  using a texture medium like Deco Arts Texture Crackle, You can create all kinds of old world like effects with minimal effort and best of all minimal product.
The Steps are really simple, Apply a base of texture.. keep it thin. Let it dry then position the stencil, Apply a thin layer of the texture medium over the motif and then remove the stencils.. Simple right? Right!  But there are some great little tips to get a really great result and How you can get some really cool looks from this one simple technique.

Relief Stencil With Texture Glass

The image to the right shows a stenciled relief done using DecoArts Texture Glass  and gold leaf. The step by step  video for this piece is found on my website.Video Demonstration Page .

Relief Stenciling, is a great addition when you want to create texture and pattern, ideal for developing realism in a painting. Adding this element will add visual weight to a painting, and wow factor to an otherwise simple piece. You can using it within specific elements of the painting or you can use it to create depth, texture, and interest for your backgrounds.

Resist Stencil relief 
 In the image to the left, A stencil  and a clear texture medium (Decoarts Texture Glass)was used to create the background. In this case the relief was used as a resist. The medium added was clear, once dry the entire surface was colour washed using a variety of Greens, then the surface was wiped to remove the excess colour. The Colour wash does not adhere to the  Clear medium  so the original base colour shows through, Exposing the design of the stencil, creating an elegant wallpaper effect.

This a lovely effect and can be enhanced by tinting the Texture Glass with DecoArt Glamour Dust paint, or any other Americana colour ( it remains transparent). Metallic s produce a Satiny effect, while Standard Americanas are great for tone on tone effects!

Karen's Orchids ( Stencil Relief)

In the Image to the right ( Karen's Orchids) A stencil was used in two ways. One using Metallic for the detail on the vertical band, and again, using a relief technique on the belly of the vase.

We often carry colours around a painting to unify it, but the same premise works with adding design elements like the pattern in the Stencil. By changing the method by which it is applied it keeps the piece from looking too matchy matchy , but adds interest and dimension.  The instruction for this piece can be found in my book "TRENDY TEXTURES"

NEW DecoArt Stencils

DecoArt and I  have created some great stencils, and  DecoArt has Expanded the line to include  "Great New Designs" as well. So Check em out!! Tracy Moreau Texture Stencils and DecoArt Americana Stencils

this stenciling technique works really well to accent Furniture piece, Matts for framing and a wide variety of other applications. It's a great method of adding interest, structure, and depth to any project.

So give relief stenciling a try, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is, and I know you will be thrilled with the results. I have added a short "how to" video below to get you started.

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  1. hi tracey i have glass panels in a door i am resoring and one is cracked is there such thing as stencils for textured glass ?