Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paper Paper everywhere.....and not a scrapbook in sight.

Scrapbook Paper
For me it's alll about the background...I gotta build something great to paint on!! Everyone knows that I love texture  of all kinds weather tactile or visual. A great method for creating a fab background is to use paper.

I keep a stockpile of great papers, scrapbook paper, craft paper, news print, paper bags , gift wrap, tissue paper etc. I also keep a good selection of deoupage glues, Modpodge and of course Texture Glass. A variety of coarse brushes, sponges,  palette knives and a variety of Stencils are handy too!

Substrate makes a difference too.. I like using Artists panels or Canvas, but there are some really inexpensive surfaces in your local DIY Center. ( Home depot , Depot Reno, Rona, you get it...) I Like to have 1/8 MDF sheets cut to size, usually 12 x 12 or 8 x 8 .This size is ideal for home decor purposes. You can have them cut in standard framing sizes too ( 11 x 14 , 16 x 20 etc )  if you want to frame your finished pieces, with out having to custom frame.

Now to begin I suggest coating the surface with two or three coats of Gesso, allow each coat to dry well before recoating. Sand lightly between coats.

Scrapbook paper
 Apply a generous coat of  DecoArts Deco Page or Texture Glass to the surface using a coarse brush. Lay your paper choice into it and smooth it out using the palm of your hand. Press firmly and smooth out from the center to the edges. This will remove any bubbles and excess texture or adhesive. Let it dry well. Applying another coat over the stll wet paper will cause the paper to stretch, buckle and ripple, so to avoid it I let it dry.
    Once dry you can apply texture Glass over the surface to create what ever texture you like and keep all the colour and pattern inherant in the paper. It makes a great base to build on.

If you  want to create texture WITH the paper you have to get it pliable. For this you have two options. 1 You can crumple it up and wear it well by unfolding and recrumpling then apply as described before. or 2:  You can crumple it and soak it in the DecoPage medium then apply it to the surface, leaving all of the folds and ripples and flaws in place. Once again use the palm of your hand to smooth it into place. ( the wet method using brown craft paper produces a nice faux Leather look that is stilll smooth enough to paint on.)

Toile Wall paper
Wall papers make for great surfaces, prepasted and textured paper are great for producing nifty backgrounds and for hiding flawed substrates.
Once a sealer is applied over the paper it can be treated like any other painting surface. using oils and acrylics.

So start saving that gift wrap, and the paper doileys from the dollar stores and the brown paper bags. Pick up on the sales at your local scrapbooking stores and hold on to those Sheets of music that came with the piano you no lonmger own. You never know when you'll be inspired by it or need it for that great background for the piece you've been wanting to create!
Paper Lace Doily
 It could be as simple as using a paper background instead of the one used in a favorite painters book, Or covering up an ugly old box to develop something new. Paper is a terrific way to change things up, create wonderful colour, pattern and texture with little effort.
 Try some , play on sample boards and see what you get!!  Then SHOW ME!!!

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