Friday, July 1, 2011

Crafty Nest......

Crafty Nest

I was hunting for Ideas for a piece of furniture, ( I have a nifty little table to paint:)) While I was frittering about the internet, I fount "The Crafty Nest" and I had one of those OMG moments! What a great Site, Stuff to do, decorating Ideas, painting Ideas, Whole makeover Ideas!! But what grabbed my attention was a wine bottle.... I know what you thinking... BIG SURPRISE! but seriously.

I remember a professor giving us a similar assignment... to paint a replica of a famous painting, done by the artist of our choice.. I did one by Monet.. it was terrible .. just so ya know. I had forgotten about it until I came across this site and saw the very cool wine bottle that the sites owner had done.

ooohh what fun it would be to do!! She has complete Preparation instructions on the site and great pictures!

You have GOT to check this out!!

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