Monday, July 18, 2011

Latest Toys and a fun Project for ya!!

Ok so it's not paint... but there is SOME paint and some ink and some paper and some stencils and some other goodies!!
Several weeks ago I was asked to participate in a Creative Challenge... I agreed and within days I began receiving goody boxes... treasure boxes... TOYS for my Sandbox!! This and a can of red Bull and I was set for a month!!

Of Course DecoArt provided me with goodies...  and fun stuff to!! all the Newest Products to play with.New Colours!!  New Mediums!!
And Harmonie.. Amazing Scrapbook Supply company in Canada .... Ooooh the COOL paper and great do dads!!!   And  Canvas Corp... I died and went to heaven!! SOOO Outside the Box!!
And Tsukineko Inks....This was a new one to me.. and Oh My!!!  Amazing Colours....effects.....applications....oh I could go on for days!!
So just so you can try your hand at using ALL of these great products from ALL of the GREAT Companies... Heres a fun Multimedia Project for you!!So get Started!!

You need!

Shopping List:
Versa magic Ink pad : Turquoise Gem  VG-15
Brilliance Ink Pad: Crimson Copper BR-97
Brilliance Ink Pad: Sunflower Yellow BR-11
FireWorks ! : Green and Brown
Goosebumps! Texture Spray
Americana Wasabi Green DA296
Americana Mulberry DA294
Paper Effects  Golden pearl PE04C
Scrapbook Paper: Kimono PA085
Chipboard Precuts: Bird CHO15 , Floral Vine.
Canvas Corp:
Scrapbook paper:Black and Craft live love laugh CCP2354
Medium Texture Cotton Duck natural 12 x 12 CVS1210
Paper and Mounting Glue GLU2023
Burlap Scrap , Ivory Trading Card CDS1049

To Begin :

I used one of my own Templates, and placed it over the unsealed canvas, then liberally sprayed the canvas with the Fireworks Green, I added a few spritzs of The brown just to keep it from becoming too solid, I liked the variation that this gave me.  I let it dry then removed the template.

Trace and transfer the design element  onto the canvas using graphite paper..Position it just to the right of the center.
Base coat the Petals of the flower with Mulberry, The Leaves and stem with Wasabi Green. When dry outline the entire
element  with the Paper Effects Golden Pearl. Let it dry.  Flood the area inside the paper effects with Goosebumps.. Just pour it in in small amounts and move it around with a brush or a toothpick until it fills the entire element.  Let it dry.

Cut the Kimono paper into  strips 11 inches long and 2 inches wide using edging scissors. Then cut the Live Love Laugh paper into  10 inch strips 1 inch wide keeping straight edges. Cut  one each of the strips with an angle at the top using the edging scissors.

Cut the burlap 3 inches wide and 12 inches long, Fray it by pulling a few strands out from each side all the way around, leaving a fray of 1/2inch all the way around.

Distress one of the trading cards by first trimming it with the edging Scissors then Rubbing the Copper ink Pad along the edges of the paper.

 Step 1:

With the Copper ink Pad dab colour all over the Chipboard Vine and the Bird. It should be nearly opaque. Let dry well.

Step 2:

With the Turquoise  ink Pad dab colour  over  a few selected areas of the Chipboard Vine and the Bird. It should be sparse in some areas and heavy in others.  Let dry well.

Step 3:

  With the Sunflower Yellow  ink Pad dab colour  over  a few selected areas of the Chipboard Vine and the  Bird. It should be sparse in some areas and heavy in others.  Let dry well.

Once completely dry spray with a liberal amount of Goosebumps! ( I love the texture and it makes the Colour POP!)

 Use the Glue to adhere the  Burlap to the left side of the canvas , about 1/2 inch in from the edge. Glue the angled strip of the Kimono paper to the center of the Burlap. Then glue the Angled craft paper strip to the Kimono paper, ( Blank side up )leaving a 1/2 border of the kimono paper showing.  Let dry.

Glue the Textured and Patina Vine  to the lower end of the Burlap and paper strips. The Glue the Remaining strip of the Kimono paper across the bottom of the  canvas about 1/2 inch up from the edge. Glue the remaining Craft paper strip, ( Lettering side up)  to the Kimono paper , leaving a 1/2 border of the Kimono Paper showing.

Glue a small piece of Cork, or foam core to the back of the Trading card and glue it over the  intersecting papers. The glue the textured and patina Bird to the  center of the Card. Let Dry Well.

Give the entire piece a light spritz with the Goosebumps( I LOVE this stuff) just to add a little  surface texture and a slight sheen. Let dry , hang and enjoy!

Hope you have fun with this textural piece,.

Thanks for Playin in My sandbox!!


 My Advice ... Check them All out and try something New!!.. It was just what I needed to Add a kick to my designing!!

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