Friday, July 22, 2011

The Mind at Play.... what the Heck does that mean??

I have been pondering creativity....People talk about it like it's some mystical thing. As if only a select few  are Gifted with it. As if a large portion of the population is somehow missing a gene. I believe that we ALL have a creative bent, we couldn't advance without it!!

I think of creativity as problem solving. There is no book with the solution to every possible problem we may be faced with , we must utilize our creativity and our knowledge to solve them.
When artists use  their creativity to stretch them selves,and  the mediums they use or introduce another medium in a unique way, people are often awed by it. But broken down into the basics.. it is simply the artist using their technical knowledge and understanding how  the mediums work, by themselves and in conjunction with others to arrive at a solution to their problem.. "how do I visually represent my idea".  Lawyers use their understanding of the law, Accountants use their understanding of mathematics, and Doctors use their understanding of the Human Body to find a solution to any given problem. CREATIVITY!

"Creative People" Allow their minds to play.. to think outside the lines, to look for and find the potential in things. We are All creative, whether it is necessity that inspires us, or a whim. Can you imagine a world without creativity?? Imagine if Bill Gates didn't approach computer software with a creative thought, or if Accountants didn't use a creative approach to their work.. we would still be using typewriters and paying even more tax. We would never cure anything,We would only have one flavor of Hamburger Helper, One kind of Coke and one style of painting... Life would be boring!!

So the next time you hear someone claim that they have NO Creativity.....Ask them if they ever substituted Tuna for the hamburger, or added apples to the salad? Changed a recipe to suit them  or made curtains from bed sheets.

 Creativity is the Mind at play..... So PLAY!!

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  1. You're so right, Tracy. This is at the core of my artist's statement: "I believe that creativity is not just the realm of a talented few, but something that all of us can learn and exercise in our lives."