Thursday, April 7, 2011

A question of Colour Challenge!! ""revisited""

 I have been a little slow in posting of late, I am still catching up.. and the hurrier I go the Behinder I get!!!

I have had a few more responses to the Challenge posted here, One in particular was Janice Montreuil. She sent in her version of the Sketch and her colour choices.. VERY cool of you to join the Fun Janice!!!

Hi Tracy---
                What fun I have with these challenges!  I just love them.  OK—here is what I used.
My Palette: (all Traditions Paints) Hansa Yellow, Naphthol Red and Black and White.  By using these Primaries I was able to mix green (Yellow + Black); Burgundy (Red + Black); Orange ( Red + Yellow) and Brown ( Yellow + Red + Black) then all I had to do was lighten with White.

I only ever use 3 brushes – Liner, Round and Flat.  I learned that I just love a limited palette and that watercolour is fast becoming my painting style of choice.  Of course, this little painting was done on a 4” x 6” piece of Canson XL-Mix Media paper so that I can use it as a Trader DTC at the convention in Moncton, NB this year.  Hope you like it.

I Love that you  tried something a little different... even a small stretch can make A BIIIIG  difference. Thank you for sharing this with me!!

So for those of You that missed it the first time around.. Here it is again.. try your hand... it's  fun and educational !

A Question of Colour....

Colour theory .. we learn the basics in kindergarten... Red and blue make purple, yellow and red make orange.. you get it.
As we get older and develop our skills as artists ,Colour theory is often far down the list of priorities. A new technique, method or medium seems to take the stage and "Boring old colour theory" is placed on the back burner. So can we move it to the front of the line?...can we make it fun?Can we make it VITAL? make it IMPORTANT to the student? Can we make it the I HAVE TO TRY THAT product of the year?. Now how the heck are we gonna do that?

ok... I have an idea . it's in the form of a challenge.... Choose two primary colours, plus white
 and black . now cut and paste the sketch to the left or  I'll email it to you if you want, or create something on your own.. . Make it any size you like, and paint it... using only the Black , White and the two primary colours.

Make a secondary colour using the Two primary colours and a variety of values of that colour using the black and the white,  to finish the painting. You MUST mix all of the colours. You may NOT use the Black or the White by itself. You may use the Primary Colours by themselves as well.

Once you have finished it, scan it or take a pic, write a paragraph detailing what you learned from it. Email it to me and I'll post the results here.  Then we'll move on to Tertiary

This is not a test of your artistic abilites, it's not a test at all, just try it,  you may surprise  yourself with how much you DO know and how much fun it can be to paint using such a limited palette.

Come On .. Try it...I'll be painting right along with you..... I am waiting to see what you create!!

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