Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Toys in My Sandbox!! INK!! from Tsukineko.

Ink... yep ...Ink.. Who would have thought that there were so many kinds of ink?? I am well versed in India Ink, even acrylic ink.. I do a little calligraphy from time to time, just to keep my hand in., But holy Hockey Pucks.. go check out a paper craft store sometime!

I am getting ready for CHA Summer in Chicago this July and have to prepare a presentation using a variety of products... one of the manufacturers involved.. makes ink. Ink like I never imagined existed, and In every colour, texture, and sheen you can image and a few you can't! WAY  TOO MUCH FUN!! If your a craft Junkie like me ... BIG Trouble!!

So I am researching .... what can it do , and to what?? paper fabric , wax, wood, painted surfaces, sealed surfaces, WHAT?? Can I brush it on , stamp it on, Rub it on WHAT??  What CANT I do with it??? Oh and add to that they have TEXTURE MEDIUMS... like I wasn't in enough trouble....

So Now I am playin' .. with Stencils, and dabbers, Sprayers, and palette knives, Anything that I can think of to See what I can and can't do with this stuff... Who'd a thunk it?? INK.... it's not just for pens

When you get a minute.. Go Check out ...  They have a really nice  website, and you'll discover that there is alot more to INK .. than you think... or thought. They have some really nice Projects sheets too.!

So once I get a little more  knowledge under my belt.. I'll have a project for you all , so you can try out some of the techniques and get YOUR ink on.

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