Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I know I haven't posted for quite a while. First I was away teaching and then I was out of commision for a bit.. but I am back and ready to work /play.

I want to introduce you to a really neat lady....She knows art.. inside out and backwards. She was born to it....Meet Dawn Knowles.

I have known Dawn for a number of years, having spent years working trade shows and markets, I was familiar with her work with the Company Martin / F Weber and Martin Universal. Perhaps one of  the Best known artist supply companies in the world. Dawn was born into this industry , her Father,  Dennis Kapp is the owner. She started working for her father at age 12 doing filing, working in the mail room and stuffing envelopes and since that time She has held a wide variety of responsibilities within  the company,(and eventually)Along with  the responsibilities of being a wife and mother. Then She took on another challenge...in 1995 she went back to school  to obtain an Associates Degree in Journalism and Public Relations at Madonna. Dawn continues to be a part of her family's business and consults for them on Television Production projects  including Scheewe Art Workshop, Wyland's Art Studio and the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. 

Dawn took what she learned at school and at the family business, pooled her resources from within the Industry and then
In one daring step..  decided to bring her dream into reality. She poured herself into creating  D&A Publishing LLC and INTERACTIVE ARTIST MAGAZINE

Dawn has a sparkling and vivacious personality that endears her to the people she meets, Under that cheerful smile and freindly demeanor is a talented and savvy business woman with a clear vision of what she wants to accomplish.
   Such a stroke of brilliance.Written material, that is down loadable, Videos, Classes, Design ideas and product information.. Interactive Artist is a tremendous resource for ANY skill level from the brand new beginner to the professional Artist. Each edition is filled to capacity with something for everyone. The diversity of material  found in this publication, is it's cornerstone, it isn't just craft , or decorative painting , or just faux finishing or watercolour, it introduces it's readership to far more than they ever imagined.   

   I  pour over every issue, there is always something exciting! Have a look for yourself.           INTERACTIVE ARTIST MAGAZINE

I thought  Discussing how technology has impacted the art world and how it will impact the Future of art might make for an interesting post... one thought led to another and I ended up ....on the Phone talking to a woman who had the foresight to develop a magazine that not only utilizes todays  technology to showcase artists and thier work,, but challenges artists to bring thier work into and beyond the 21st century. To encourage and educate those coming behind us, and to find a new and fresh side to ourselves and our work. This is a Tall order.... but for Dawn Knowles it was a passion and a dream she needed to fulfil... I think any artist can relate to that.

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  1. Dear Tracy--thanks for putting up my little painting for your challenge and for your nice comments. Hope you will have more challenges in the future. Janice Montreuil