Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Kitchen Cabinet redo... DONE!!

Well it's all done.. The Cabinets are all painted, textured and doors are rehung and hardware repainted and installed...And I LOVE it! My kitchen has a fresh and bright feel with a little touch of elegance that I felt it needed. Although as usual, when remodeling we discovered a few new problems.... My Dishwasher and my Fridge... no longer work. The dishwasher still does dishes and the fridge still refrigerates.. but they both clash with the new decor...SIGH! Oh Well I will have to keep my eyes peeled for a sale on a stainless dishwasher and a matching fridge.( hmmmm.. I wonder if I can Paint my fridge Stainless S teel......)



I took this shot at an angle so you can the the relief clearly. I just love the results!
We have since added a hanging Pot Rack , and laid a new floor as well. Add to that the wonderful Butcher block board I received at Christmas and I have all I need for my Little kitchen!
All thanks to a Wonderful DYI kinda Guy for a Hubby!!


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