Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Creative Adrenaline

Alrighty then... we are three days into the New Year and I haven't painted a thing. In fact aside from a few cute little Christmassy things I haven't painted in over a month!!! I was creativly drained... I had nuthin', Nada, Zip, bupkiss. No Umph at all!

Then On New Years Day.. I was sitting at my computer, obsessively perusing Pinterest as I am wont to do, When I felt that familiar Niggle, that tickle, that little oh oh oh oh!!

And now I have a stack of drawings on my table, and no idea what to do first!! I have chosen my palettes, I have chosen surfaces, and decided on scale.... Now all I have to do is decide where to start!!! sigh.

I love that rush of Ideas, That burst of creative adrenaline that seems to be the norm for me. It always works that way. I could be thumbing through a book, or a magazine,even those that are not art or painting related and a light comes on... then another and another... and then I work until, one at a time, the lights go out. Then the process begins again.

I am determined this year to spend more time perusing and searching for Inspiration, it's out there... just waiting for us to find it!! I have always been a collector... I keep books, magazines, greeting cards, napkins, post cards, catalogs, photos, bit's of fabric, stone , glass, wood, paper. I tuck them into folders and binders and once in awhile I flip through them...then I feel the niggle.. that little tickle that tells me I am on to something.. and away I go again.
With the advent of Social Networking and sites like Pinterest Now I can collect digitally too!!!  

From time to time it is not something tangible like a shape or a theme that sets the ball rolling, it is a colour itself that does it... for me the Colour "Tuscan Red" was the jumping off point for the piece to the right.. it just evolved from there.
Of course I am particularly fond of the European theme so my work tends to reflect that.

So this year I am resolved....to take advantage of the creative opportunities that abound, to paint, create , design and share everyone of them! I intend to stretch... to push myself to the next level and I intend to have a great time doing it too!!  I invite you to Share your creative journey with the rest of us!! Send pics... send your thoughts, your comments!!  Participate!!  Share with your craft and painting friends!!

So my question for you, What is your creative process?  What stirs your juices?, What gives you that Burst of Creative Adrenaline? Let us Know... it's always nice to know your not alone, on any journey...especially a creative one!!  

Happy New Year!!

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